We're not just about transforming e-commerce – we're about making a difference in our world

Meet the Team

Throughout my 13-year journey in sales and marketing across the APAC region, ascending from a sales rep to CEO, I incessantly encountered the same issues: out-of-stock and overstocked products. We'd work so hard on the perfect marketing strategy only to find our products missing from the shelves when consumers came to buy.

One day, during a conversation with a frustrated store manager about lost sales, the penny dropped. We needed a smarter way to keep track of stock and demand. Not a workaround, not a short-term fix, but a real, long term solution. That's when I decided to create Skipped. I wanted a solution that would help anyone involved in selling consumable goods — business owners, sales reps, supply chain managers — to prevent stock-outs and lost sales. A solution that would make sure our hard work in developing and marketing products wasn’t wasted.

Ever since learning about computers as a child — I had in me the mission to create technology that enables humanity. This journey led me to build software on projects and startups with broad impact like helping solve the education crisis in England or the empty shelves for Australia’s largest supermarket. This one, gave me a firsthand glimpse of the frustration of merchants — out-of-stock on one end, and overstock, write offs and massive wastage on the other end.

When I met Tarsi, she had her heart set on making the consumer experience better while enabling everyone in the distribution chain to sell more with less — improved efficiency and environmental sustainability. I connected with her why and I had the how. That is when Skipped began to take shape.

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Our ESG Statement

We're pioneering an eco-conscious revolution in e-commerce with our innovative model. By diverting overstocked items to eager customers, we're battling the wasteful tendencies of our industry head-on.

But we're pushing the envelope even further. We're on a mission to re-engineer the logistics of e-commerce. By orchestrating orders to be fulfilled by the nearest retailers, we're slashing carbon emissions linked to transportation.

We're leading the charge into a new era of sustainability and efficiency. We're committed to learning and evolving, delving into deeper data analysis to amplify our positive environmental impact.

At Skipped, we're more than a startup; we're architects of a vision for a greener, fairer future in e-commerce. We're set to disrupt the industry while staying steadfast in our commitment to our planet and society. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey to reshape e-commerce into a more sustainable and equitable space for all. Let's make a difference, together.

We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we work and live, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.